Workshop –
(Inter)Disciplinary Perspectives on “Transnational Studies”, 16 March, 2015

The  Irish Centre for Transnational Studies (ICTS) will be hosting a round-table workshop on different, (inter)disciplinary perspectives on “Transnational Studies” at Mary Immaculate College on Monday, 16 March, 2015.

Participants in the workshop will discuss in particular the ideas of “translation” and “similarity” between different disciplinary approaches, how this might inform interdisciplinary discussion on aspects of transnationalism, and highlight/cross possible boundaries with regard to disciplinary and interdisciplinary approaches in the area. What is meant by “Transnational Studies” in disciplines such as History, Philosophy, Cultural and Literary Studies, Media Studies, Geography or Education? We would like to focus on the texts by Morawska and Bhatti in our discussion, but participants may find the text by Bachmann-Medick of further interest. We are particularly interested in the exchange of ideas by colleagues and postgraduates from various disciplines, those who localise their work in the – broad – area of Transnational Studies and those who would see themselves outside this area, or are simply curious about how to define and approach it.

When: 15.00-17.00
Where: Foundation Building, Room G08


All are welcome!


To access the above mentioned texts in Dropbox, please click here.