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ICTS Workshop – “Creative Histories of Migration”, May 17th 2024 @ MIC G.08 Foundation Building

Launch –
#languages250 :“Towards 250 Years of Modern Languages at Third Level”,
Royal Irish Academy in Dublin, 12  December 2023.

European Graduate Collaboration Conference –
“Taking the Bull by the Horns. Humanities and Social Science Perspectives on the Idea of Europe”, University of Augsburg (Germany), 3-5 November 2023

Guest Lecture –
“Exploring Silent Books: Using Wordless Picture Books in the Classroom”,
Dr Áine McGillicuddy (Dublin City University), 23 Mar 2023 @ 9am in MIC (Room S103)

Public Lecture –
“Elizabeth Shaw: An unknown Irish writer behind an East German children’s classic”,
Sabine Egger (MIC), 23 Feb 2023 @ 6pm in the Tara Building, MIC (Room T118)

ICTS Webinar Series Spring 2022 –
“Digital Feminism, Activism, and Transnational Spaces”, Dr Marita Ryan (MIC),
May 4th 2022 @ 1pm (IST)

Culture Festival –
“Algeria – Ireland: Resistance Cultures Festival”,
@ The Sugar Club (Dublin), 16-18 Sep 2022

ICTS Roundtable –
“Digital Spaces and Gender”, Karen Sugrue (Activist & TUS); Dr Carole Quigley (Post-Doc, MIC);
TBC (Postgrad, MIC), 6 Apr 2022 @ 1pm (IST)

ICTS Webinar Series Spring 2022 –
“On the Gender Gap in Literary History: Ruth Klüger and Nicole Seifert’s FrauenLiteratur (2021) and https://nachtundtag.blog”, Sandra Binnert (Justus Liebig University of Gießen), 23 Mar 2022 @ 1pm (IST)

ICTS Webinar Series Spring 2022 –
“The Visibility Trap”: Sexism, Surveillance and Social Media, Dr Mary McGill (Carlow IT), 9 Mar 2022 @ 1pm (IST)

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