Workshop – Europe in Crisis, 5 May, 2016

2-4 pm, Room 202 (Foundation Building), Mary Immaculate College

All welcome!

In the context of current crisis discourses in and on Europe, from the “financial crisis” to the “refugee crisis”, the “faith crisis” or the “crisis of European values in the face of Islamist terrorism”, we would like to discuss older and more recent theoretical approaches to crisis and Europe from different disciplinary perspectives. The workshop is open to faculty, postgraduate and undergraduate students as well as the wider community. Preparation is not necessary, but if participants would like to read Husserl’s paper, they may access it via the following link:


2 pm
Lorenzo Girardi (Philosophy)
“Edmund Husserl: Philosophy and the Crisis of European Man (1935)”

3 pm
Tony Langlois (Media Studies)