ICTS Webinar Series Spring 2022 –
Margaret Moloney from Glin, Co. Limerick – “Only female harbour-master in the world”, 23 Feb 2022 @ 1pm (IST)

We are delighted to welcome local historian Sharon Slater and two international performative artists, Angie Smalis and Colin Gee. Their current projects are opening new perspectives on a Limerick woman, born in 1868, who embarked on an exceptional career but has been largely forgotten about.

Sharon Slater: How much does a plaque actually tell us? The bust of Margaret Moloney, Glin.

The plaque beneath the bust of Margaret Moloney, in Glin, contains thirteen words spread over five lines. These mere thirteen words set out to inform the public of the life of an extraordinary woman, but how much does this plaque tell us, and just as importantly, what is missing. This talk will explore the importance of public monuments in local communities and how the information on plaques guides the perception of the individual immortalised by it.

Colin Gee & Angie Smalis: “Moloney” – A Video Installation

Moloney” is a video installation of a script-based dance work about Margaret Moloney (1868-1952), Glin’s final harbour master and the only known woman in this role. The installation shows how its female protagonist “Barbara” contemplates on Moloney as a woman in a position of power, managing the flow of maritime traffic. Reflecting on the latter and on the perspectives of men that Moloney encountered, Barbara explores ways of learning both from nature and history, especially how to navigate, and negotiate, between people. “Moloney” is part of the trilogy Persuasion in which Smalis and Gee explore historical and artistic perspectives through the use of storytelling techniques and place-based narrative for dance. The installation is touring the following venues between February and April 2022: Dance Limerick (What Next Dance Festival); Firkin Crane, Cork; Glor Theatre, Ennis; Irish Chamber Orchestra Studio; Nenagh Arts Centre; Dance Ireland, Dublin; Brandeis University Boston (Leonard Bernstein Festival of the Creative Arts).

Sharon Slater is currently the Historian-in-Residence at Ormston House. Her most recent publication, 100 Women of Limerick, is due for release in March 2022. This publication details the lives of women who, for the most part, have been forgotten in their native county.

 Angie Smalis is a contemporary dance artist from Athens, artistic director of the Limerick Youth Theatre and Patterns Dance Collective. She has performed internationally with ensembles including the Vienna Volksoper and Daghda Dance Co. Colin Gee is a performing artist based in New York City. He is the recipient of a Guggenheim Fellowship, a Rome Prize from the American Academy in Rome, and has performed internationally as a clown with Cirque du Soleil. In their work together they have been described by theNew York Times as “poetic in their efficiency”, “uncannily absorbing”, and ‘with their subtle physical shifts come emotional ones, in mercurial succession”.

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The ICTS Spring series of lunchtime webinars focusing on “Digital Spaces and Transnational Femininities” is presented in association with the Institute of Irish Studies, MIC, and the Irish Women’s Writing Network.

‘Moloney’, photograph by Dominik Kosicki