Event of Interest –
Chinese Traits, Francophone Lines: The Value of Transcultural Creativity,
21-22 Nov. 2019, Queen’s University Belfast, UK

Francophone-Chinese Studies has emerged since the 1990s as a rich field within Francophone research in response to the growing community of writers, visual artists and film makers originally from China who have settled in French-speaking countries. The work of this artistic community of immigrants has been quickly legitimized by positive press coverage, prizes and inclusion in school curricula, thus attaining institutional recognition, despite evidence of the global, rising tide of nationalism and of anti-immigration rhetoric. The conference invites papers examining the different manifestations of Francophone-Chinese cultural production and their significance, but it is also interested in the creativity of other transcultural models and their capacity for individual and social transformation.

Please find the programme here.

For more information contact Dr Rosalind Silvester, r.silvester@qub.ac.uk